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The Gebrüder Hammer GmbH measurement devices used to analyse industrial gases work according to processes that are adapted to ideally suit the respective purpose. The measurement devices are fundamentally designed in such a way that they can become a part of existing plants without the need for modifications. For this reason the analysis section where chemical processes take place and the energy section which regulates the supply and control of the process sequences are arranged separately from each other. Variations to standard models can also be supplied as series products. Even when operating conditions change, for example because the plant is extended or supplemented, measurement devices can still be used unaltered or can be adapted using our standard accessories.

The gas analysis accessories include components which make the measurement gas processing possible or easier. Both the analysis system and the corresponding measurement gas processing can be integrated in an analysis cabinet.

Our engineers and technicians have process engineering knowhow so that we have no problem in developing special gas analysis procedures geared to your specific wishes and requirements. Information is available on this without obligation.

EL-HY 4 device for measuring traces of water
Bild Wasserspurenmessgerät EL-HY 4 Measurement of gaseous or vaporous traces of water in technical or aggressive gases, e.g. chlorine.
OSME device for measuring traces of oxygen
Measurement of the oxygen concentration in neutral and alkaline gases.
ELOHYD device for measuring traces of hydrogen
Monitoring and display of the hydrogen content in the air.
ACCCHLOR device for measuring traces of chlorine
Measurement of chlorine parts in neutral gases and checking air in a room for traces of chlorine.
ACCOS device for measuring oxygen
Measurement of oxygen in technical gases.
Wärmeleitgasanalysator CALVID
Wärmeleitgasanalysator CALVID Measurement of various gases in technical gases or gas mixtures.