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Service: service and maintenance

Gebrüder Hammer GmbH has experience and competence through over 35 years of maintenance and servicing work in a multitude of sectors and international companies. This means a high degree of quality assurance and plant availability for our customers.

Gebrüder Hammer GmbH offers its customers comprehensive service in all areas of plant construction, with one clear objective: optimised production processes with low maintenance systems. That is the objective that our developers and designers focus on, so that our customers can concentrate on their own core competencies.

Optimisation of plant availability and minimum maintenance costs are the most important matter that we wish to guarantee our customers in order to keep the production process going for as long as possible. Reliability and availability of plant are significant factors for our customers’ business success. The basic prerequisite for optimal plant efficacy and the avoidance of unplanned downtimes is for regular checks of all functions and wearing parts of production systems to be conducted by the engineers and technicians of Gebrüder Hammer GmbH. If, however, an unwanted stoppage does occur, since our employees are available throughout the world at any time we can ensure that the fault is analysed and rectified as quickly as possible.