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The processes developed by Gebrüder Hammer GmbH i. L. are actually around five million years old, because if you follow the existence of our planet and the beginnings of life back to their origins, then you will repeatedly encounter a gaseous mixture as the original basis of living matter. Engineers and technicians at Gebrüder Hammer GmbH i. L. have been handling gas components and the development of numerous processes based on them for more than 35 years.

Technical gases are deployed in numerous industries and sectors, because certain production processes have only become possible due to their function as inert gas, protective gas or reaction gas. Gases produce atmospheres - they have the effect of reducing, oxidising or rendering inert.

Gebrüder Hammer GmbH i. L. plans and supplies systems to generate, purify, dry and analyse industrial gases, protective gases, gaseous mixtures and special gaseous mixtures in over 50 countries throughout the world. In doing so, innovative procedures are not only developed, but also realised reliably and cost efficiently. Our customers benefit from our system-oriented method of working during conversions, capacity expansions or new production locations. Our engineers and technicians optimise production processes and make procedures more efficient because our competency in process engineering represents the foundation of our quality system concepts.

Gebrüder Hammer GmbH i. L. is an innovative company, with products and processes that are developed and improved in line with the market and customer requirements. The expertise of process technicians, engineers and computer scientists is deployed in teamwork to achieve technological solutions which ensure that our customers enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage.

Owing to growing demand and expansion, the head office of the company moved to Dreieich, to the south of Frankfurt am Main, in 1980. In the mid-1990s son Josef Hammer took over the post of Managing Partner in the enterprise from his father.

The customers of Gebrüder Hammer GmbH i. L. are supported throughout the entire life cycle of the plant. In particular after commissioning, engineers and technicians provide support to customers within the framework of service and maintenance so as to be able to guarantee the permanent availability of the system.